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Compulsory Sessions - Recorded

Due to government restrictions and lockdown, we are aware that it can be tricky to facilitate HEON coming in to deliver the sessions for MUN. We are still planning for the MUN Conference to take place later this year so in the leadup, you can prepare your students with the compulsory and additional sessions.

Please ensure that your students fill out our pre-evaluation survey before commencing the first session.

compulsory session 1 – intro to mun

Once your students have watched this, they can start researching their country and the topic using the guide and worksheets in the binder.

Session 2 – What is Governance?

The worksheets required for the second session can be found below.

There are three worksheets available dependant on the country the students are working with. Please select the relevant worksheet here.

session 3 – Public speaking

session 4 – NEtworking

session 5 – Resolution writing

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