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Writing your Opening Speech

As part of your preparation for the MUN conference early in the Spring term, you will need to write and practise a speech. One of the compulsory sessions we will be running with your school is Practising your MUN speech so don’t worry too much if you feel unsure about your public speaking skills at the moment.

Your opening speech should include:

  • A brief introduction to your country
  • Your country’s stance on the topic
  • Why your country has this stance (think of reasons why it would benefit your country)

You’d want to do all your research first, and then work on your speech. It is best to free-write your speech with all the information you want in there and start to cut it or reword things if it doesn’t sound the way you want it to or formal enough.

Check out this video made by the Model United Nations Institute about writing your opening speech. Your speech should be no longer than 2 minutes, and you can split it up so each delegate gets a chance to say something.

HEON can also deliver a public speaking workshop. If you would like HEON to deliver this for your delegates, please get in touch with your HEON Partner Officer or Najaah on

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