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Model United Nations

Welcome to your Model United Nations portal! Here you will find the resources we’ve made available to you to aid your students to prepare for the Model United Nations (MUN) day in the Spring Term. Please note that we are monitoring the Covid-19 regulations and the format of the MUN day may be subject to change.

What is the model united nations (MUN)?

what is required of participants?


Students (also known as delegates):

As the programme progresses over the coming months, we will be uploading resources, guides, and links to Youtube videos to help your students prepare for the MUN Conference below.



For the Model United Nations, there are two types of writing skills needed: 1) Proposal writing 2) Speech writing Check out our resources from student ambassadors and the HEON team on practising your writing skills before the big day!


Research Skills

You will need to do a lot of research to adequately prepare for the MUN day. You will need to have knowledge of your country, their neighbours and their stance on the topic. Being able to research is a skill you will need later in life, whether that's researching your next holiday destination or at university! Check out our resources and tips.