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Stage 3 - The Research

understand the company you will be working for

Do your research on the Company.  This is critical.  Do your research. Do some more research. And do some research yet again. Pore over the company’s website, check out their competitors and find out where the company plans to go in the future. Look for recent news articles about them and make sure you really know what is going on in the sector. Demonstrating knowledge of topical issues and showing a genuine understanding of the company’s values will really work in your favour

understand the role you are applying for

This may seem obvious, but you really need to show the interviewers that you understand the ‘ins and outs’ of their Apprenticeship Scheme, such as what will be expected of you and what level of responsibility you will have. This will help you to pitch your answers at the right level.

Read through the job description again and really think about how you will fit into the organisation. Consider the added value you will bring to the company as a young, energetic school leaver.

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