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So you weren't successful this time?

You’ve submitted your application and you have now received notification that you haven’t been selected for interview.





These are all perfectly normal feelings and happen to many people.  

Importantly, you must understand that this is not because ‘you aren’t good enough’ for the role.  A good recruiter knows exactly the type of competences / experience they are looking for in a candidate that would be most suitable for the position.   Ask yourself these questions:

did i complete the application to the best of my ability?
did i represent myself well?

If the answer is yes, then the only reason you did not get through to the next stage is that the recruiter believed that you weren’t suitable for the role.  NOT the fact that you weren’t ‘good enough’.

Look at it the other way.  If the recruiter wasn’t clear about the role or who would be most suitable, they could invite you to interview, offer you the position and then after a month of starting your new scheme you realise that this wasn’t the right job for you.   Not only have you wasted your time and your money but the company have also done the same, as they will need to start the recruiting process all over again. You are back in the same position as before, but now you have lost several months.

Always ask for feedback from the recruiter.  This is really helpful and may identify areas in your application which you could develop.

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