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Stage 1 - The Basics

before you start your planning

now let’s get on with the planning

when is the interview?

Make sure that you are available for the day and time requested.  Try and keep the whole day clear so that you can be focused and not trying to achieve other things. Have you been asked to confirm you can attend the interview?

where is the interview?

Find out the exact address.   Do a trial run at the same time your interview would be so you know exactly how you are getting there, how long it takes, what the traffic is like and where the building is that you need to go to .  Have you been asked to report to Reception?  Or another building?  Is there a park or a café nearby so you can arrive and take a 15 minute break to gather your thoughts.  Is the journey a popular route for other commuters?  Could you be affected by traffic at the time you are travelling?

All of this planning is important so you are not worrying about these details on the day.  You will arrive ahead of time and be calm and prepared. It might seem daunting now, but if you make sure you’re fully prepared, it’ll be a walk in the park.

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