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Below you will find a range of resources that have been prepared to help support your learning. These have been created by the University of Surrey one of HEON’s partners. There is a mixture of content including subject specific content and information about higher education. We will be uploading regularly so please do check back for more information.

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HEON has been working hard with all of its partners to help support the creation of online resources. To view the full bank of resources please visit the online resources hub.

Monday 6 July 2020

Try Something New: Colouring

To get you started with trying Colouring, download a print our Steve the Stag colouring sheet!

Category: ALL, Art

Thursday 28 may 2020

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers design and construct infrastructure (buildings and structures), like skyscrapers and bridges, and often work closely with architects (building designers).

They are involved in all stages of Engineering projects, from the initial planning and designing of the structure, to its construction, and then its continuous maintenance and even its demolition

Have a go using the activity below and see if you can build a bridge as well as finding out more about Civil Engineering.

Category: KS3, Engineering

Tuesday 26 may 2020

Get Some Green

Get outside and enjoy some nature with this activity! Learn about the positive effects of nature on wellbeing and have a go at doing a tree or leaf rubbing. Using all your senses, notice the different aspects of nature to fully appreciate its beauty.

Category: KS2, Science, Art, Wellbeing

Thursday 21 may 2020

Home, Street, Planet

The study and drawing of maps is called cartography. In this activity, you start small my mapping your bedroom, then the rest of your home, then the neighbourhood you live in, then the country you live in, and even the planet you live on. Draw maps to help you understand the spaces in your home and your place in the outside world, without even leaving the house!

Category: KS3, Geography, Maths, Design

Tuesday 12 may 2020

Use the video above to help with this activity

Magic Milk

Chemistry is a type of science which looks at what happens when certain materials are put together. A chemical reaction occurs when two or more materials react to each other. This leads to a permanent change in state (e.g. liquid to solid) or a change in colour or a change in temperature.

Use the activity sheet below to have a go at some chemistry. Watch the video to help with this activity.

Category: KS2, Science

Thursday 7 may 2020

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to machines that are designed to think and perform tasks like humans, which is why some of those machines are also considered smart.

Robotics, phones, cars, and computer chess matches are a few examples of how humans have developed and used Artificial Intelligence.

Category: KS3, Science

Tuesday 5 may 2020

Science of the Senses: Sound

Learn about the science behind your senses with these sound related activities. Can you make the sound of a laser gun?

Have a go at making a coat hanger musical instrument or speak to someone on a string telephone!

Category: KS2, Science

Thursday 30 april 2020

Taraweeh at home

We wish those observing Ramadhan a blessed month. We know things are a  bit different now and you’re not able to observe Ramadhan in the typical sense. Click on the link below to access the Taraweeh at home guide.

What is RAMADhAN?

Ramadhan is a month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims around the world fast (no consumption of water or food) from sunrise to sunset. The month of Ramadhan is known as the month of piety, repentance and community, with lots of people going to the Mosque each evening.

Category: All

Tuesday 28 april 2020

The splendiferous world of ROALD DAHL

Roald Dahl wrote some of the most beloved books that both children and adults still enjoy today. In this activity, learn how he used descriptive language to create lots of fantastical characters and then have a go at creating your own new splendiferous character!

Category: KS2, Literacy, Art

Friday 24 april 2020

Ready Steady pitch

Test your business skills by creating an innovative new product and pitching it to your family for investment. Can you survive in the dragons’ den?!

In this activity, you will develop your Business skills by designing and pitching a brand new product, app or service. You will put your creativity and presentation skills to the test by asking your family members to invest in your invention!

Category: KS4, ks5, Business

Thursday 23 april 2020

Coding Challenge

An encrypted message or the cipher text is the message we get after applying a process designed to make the message unreadable (called encryption) to those who don’t know what process we have used. It normally looks like a random sequence of letters and numbers, with no way of knowing what the intended message was.

Spies use encrypted messages to communicate top secrets! Have a go at the activity sheet below to learn about coding and different types of cyphers.

Category: KS2, Science
CATEGORY: ks3, maths

tuesday 21 April 2020

Science of the Senses: Touch

Learn about the science behind your senses and have a go at these touch related activities – can you make a feely box, play with cornflour slime and write in Braille?

Category: KS2, Science

Easter closure activities

The University of Surrey is now closed for the Easter Vacation. We will still be uploading activities over the coming week and you can find the activities you will need below. You can find out more information about each of the activities on the date specified on our twitter and Instagram pages.

9 April 2020

lava lamp activity

Category: KS3, SCIENCE

14 APRIL 2020

Balloon Racecars

category: KS2, Science

19 April 2020

raise your voice


Wednesday 8 APRIL 2020

Wellbeing wednesday

Today we have a video which looks at stress and how you might be able to manage this. There is also some downloadable content available below.

Tuesday 7 APRIL 2020


To celebrate World Health Day, take on the role of a nurse or midwife in this activity. Have a go at measuring your vital signs and record your results on the worksheet attached.

Category: KS2, Science

Friday 3 APRIL 2020

Ridiculous history

In this activity, listen to ridiculous history ( and join Ben and Noel in their tale about Roald Dahl and his time as a secret agent.

Complete the worksheet and create a propaganda article about dahl’s life as a secret agent inspired by his own fantastical report: ‘shot down over libya’

Category: KS4, KS5

Thursday 2 APRIL 2020

Compete for your seat

This activity allows you to learn about what politics is. You will discover how people vote to elect a government into power and the responsibility they have.

By creating your own political party you can choose the values and policies. Do you have what it takes to make tough decisions for the good of society?

Category: KS3, Politics



Alongside our wellbeing activity for today we have this creative task you might wish to have a go at. This instruction sheet runs you through how to make origami frogs.

Category: All, wellbeing


Today we look at some techniques that can support training your brain to have a positive mindset.

There are two downloads to explore the first being an information sheet and the second being a worksheet you can use to practice the technique.

Category: All, wellbeing

Tuesday 31 march 2020


In this activity, you can learn about our Solar System and complete your own astronomy experiments.

Astronomy is the study on the universe including: the planets, the sun and our moon.

Category: KS2, SCIENCE

Some of our instagram activities

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