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School Online Resources Hub

Welcome to our online resources which are available to support you. They have been designed to be able to be accessed from anywhere and we hope they are useful for you to support your learning. A number of our partners have developed content and we wanted to provide an overview of what is available.

Click through the pages to find a wide range of content.
These pages will have regular updates so please
do come back to check for any new content.


These have been developed to give you an overview on a range of topics. Click below to find out more.

HEON has been busy working to put together a series of resources looking into transition into Higher Education and Further Education. Click below to find out more.


The University of Surrey offers a wide range of subjects. To help showcase what we can offer we have created a number of resources and activities which can be completed from home.


Music masterclasses

One of our partners is The Academy of Contemporary Music and they have produced a series of Music Masterclasses. Click below to discover a range of different topics.

Remote learning tips

When working from home you will often require a device to access the internet. Some examples of these could include laptop, tablet or mobile phone. There are however other devices you could use such as smart televisions or gaming consoles. Royal Holloway have produced some guides on accessing online content via both and Xbox and PlayStation.