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Transition into higher education

Welcome to this series of posts looking at different aspects of transitioning from a school or college environment into Higher Education. Higher Education covers a range of pathways at degree level. We will be predominantly focusing on transitioning into Universities throughout the content below. There will be regular updates to the content so please do check back for more information.

Where to live at university

Choosing where to live during your studies is an important decision which will impact on your finances and overall student experience.

It’s worth investing your time looking at the different options available to make the right choice. And don’t forget, there are deadlines, so the earlier you start, the more likely you’ll get the accommodation that you want.

We’ve put together this e-module to help guide you through the decision-making process.

Life skills at university –

Getting ready for university in September? Looking forward to living independently? Well then check out our ‘foodie’ content for recipes, tips, and cooking videos from current students!

Use this time to have a go at some recipes before you head off to University.

Looking after your mental health & wellbeing

Your thoughts and feelings have a huge impact on how you deal with daily life.

We’ve designed this e-module to help you keep your mental health in check and make you aware of the support available when you start university, so you can seek help when you need it.

Money management

What are you like when it comes to spending your pocket money – do you tend to spend it in one go, or save it up for a rainy day?

We’ve created this e-module to help you manage your money and hopefully save a bit too.

the university learning experience

How is the learning experience at uni different to that of college or sixth form? We have put together some useful resources to help you to start preparing for such a transition.

jobs and careers for university students

Did you know that many students work part-time when at university so as to earn some money and gain some experience? Check out our university work-related content where you can watch videos about Careers Services at uni, as well as listen to a current student talk about her part-time work.

Studying a foundation course

It’s a common preconception that foundation year students are considered weaker than those who do a degree course straight after A Levels. In this week’s transition project, we dispel this idea by exploring the benefits of a foundation year and why it might be the right option for you.


The Outreach Hub is here to answer any question you might have regarding Higher Education. We will work hard to answer question you might have and signpost you to the most useful information. You can either use the form below or the details on our contact page.