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the university learning experience

How is the learning experience at uni different to that of college or sixth form? We at HEON have put together some useful resources to help you to start preparing for such a transition.

On this page, you’ll find two presentations narrated by current uni students where they cover lectures, seminars and independent study, a short video from a student sharing her advice on studying at university, and some links to other helpful websites.

First up, Tania is going to share some tips on lectures and seminars. But very quickly, just in case, here’s a brief overview of what these are:


  • Tend to be much bigger than classes you’re used to
  • Often delivered to a whole year group
  • Academic talks while students take notes
  • Usually between 1 and 3 hours

Image: Royal Holloway Windsor Building Auditorium

Image: Royal Holloway Seminar Room


  • Much smaller classes
  • Discussion based around certain topic
  • Student led discussion with academic input
  • Usually between 1 and 2 hours

For more advice on lectures and seminars do take a look at the following links:
University of Leicester – Making the most of lectures
King’s College London Students’ Union – 5 things to know for your first uni lecture
University of Nottingham – Seminars

Next up, Alex talks about independent study:

For more information on independent learning at university, take a look at the below links:
University of Bristol – Learning independently
Higher Education Academy – Independent learning pdf

And finally, why not listen to Melissa sharing her study tips? Enjoy!