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HEON Postcode lookup tool

Alongside the Outreach Hub there is a large selection of activities that HEON hosts as part of our targeted work. We work with a selection of schools where students for an event to take place the young people involved need to predominantly from a set list of postcodes. Please use the information below to help assess which students may be able to get involved.

Who is eligible?

HEON is one of 29 local partnerships to be funded under the Uni Connect programme which aims to support students in years 9 – 13 from certain geographical wards in England. We are funded to work with students in 11 specific wards in Surrey and North East Hampshire and therefore eligibility for our events is determined by the young person’s postcode.

Check students eligibility

Eligibility for HEON events is determined by postcode. For our most popular events, places will be prioritised for students who live in target postcodes. However, this will vary on an event-by-event basis and some of our events are suitable for whole year groups – please get in touch for further information. To see if you’re eligible for any of HEON’s events, please enter your/your student’s home postcode using the tool below.


The Outreach Hub is here to answer any question you might have regarding Higher Education. We will work hard to answer question you might have and signpost you to the most useful information. You can either use the form below or the details on our contact page.