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How to.... Be Critical

What does it mean to be critical

Being critical is a skill needed in your future academic essays; it’s a main feedback point given in most people’s essays – especially in their first year at university. But if you’re not planning on going to university, being critical is a good life skill to have. In life, you’re likely to use critical thinking skills:

  • On social media when confronted with multiple news articles, to determine what is a legitimate news article or fabricated
  • When driving: Do you simply listen to your Satnav when it says it has the best route, or do you double check it? (and realise that it was taking you to a Supermarket 200 miles away as opposed to 2 miles away!)
  • When you’re planning a holiday. Do you just listen to your friends who’ve been before or do you do your own research?

Being critical means to not accept things at face value and to think about the opposing argument. With essays, this can mean presenting these differing points of views before presenting your own. Click through to find out how to be critical.

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