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working backwards to achieve your goals

We have looked at putting tasks in a logical order so that we can effectively achieve our goals. Another way to look at this is by planning backwards. Watch this video to find out more:

  1. Visualise the end – ie Define your goal
    • What do you want to accomplish and when do you want to achieve it by?
    • Define your goal as specifically as possible. Ask yourself why it is important and is it realistic?Keep it a SMART Goal!
  2. List the tasks in revese order
    • Write out a random list of all the steps and resources that you need to accomplish your goal.
    • Think about the time and resource (money or other people involved).
  3. Plan the supporting steps by writing them down on paper or on a spreadsheet and note specific due dates on your calendar for each major goal and supporting steps. It is much easier to create your timeline by working backwards – keeping the end in mind.
    • Identify the date by which your goal should be completed.
    • Identify the last step you must do before the goal’s due date.
    • Identify the next to the last step; the third to the last, and continue until you finish putting all the steps in reverse order. You may need to move things around a bit until you finalize the plan.
  4. Assign responsibility
    • Get some feedback or input from someone to make sure you aren’t overlooking something critical.
    • Check to see if identified resources are available.
    • Backwards planning can give you confidence as you move forward toward achieving your goal.