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One of our partners is The Academy of Contemporary Music and they have produced a series of Music Masterclasses you are able to view below. To find out more please visit their partner page.
Instagram: acm_UK

Vocal Livestream workshop with Kaya Herstad- Carney- Senior Vocals Tutor at ACM

This tutorial focuses on some expert tips and tricks for any aspiring vocalist.

The session focuses on vocal warm up tips for building strength and flexibility in your voice and to sing with freedom and lack of tension.

Guitar Health livestream workshop with Matt Russell Senior Lecturer for Technical Services at ACM

ACM’S Matt Russel presents the ultimate guitar health clinic, showing how to re-string, set up and tune your guitar like the professionals!

Electronic Music Production with ACM Production Tutor Shea Stretford

In this session ACM Audio Production tutor Shea Stedford shows how to get tracks done fast and improve proficiency when producing. This method allows you to take a great idea and develop it into a full arrangement in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Shea utilised Maschine and Logic as his DAWs.

Live Drum workshop with Danny Mullowney ACM Drum Tutor

Exercises that will help drummers develop fill combinations between hands and bass drum as well as mobility around the drum set.

ACM’s Audio Production Live Stream Workshop with Production Tutor, John Gallen.

ACM Production Tutor John Gallen teaches how to set up and record a drum set like a professional.