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Raising aspirations


This 6/7 week programme will focus on students who have the potential to reach higher grades in their GCSEs but may need a little inspiration along the way. The programme can be delivered to suit the needs of the school and pupils. This could include having a female-only programme or a male-only programme if this would be of benefit. Delivery will be carried out mainly by HEON staff and visiting speakers. Most sessions can run for 1 hour each and some example session workshops will include:

  • Introduction/Pre-evaluation (this involves finding out what topics/subjects students are interested in)
  • Your options beyond school
  • Introduction into Higher Education
  • Apprenticeship workshop – including degree apprenticeships
  • Visiting speakers available to discuss particular career paths (timetable permitting and availability of speakers)
  • Wellbeing and building resilience
  • Revision techniques and learning styles
  • Campus visit to a partner University

Who is this for?

This series of activities have been designed for students who are in Year 10.


We are happy to offer this out as a mentoring programme, the main difference between the mentoring programme and Raising Aspirations is that the key bulk of delivery will be carried out by student ambassadors as opposed to HEON staff. If this would be your preference then do let us know.

Express your interest

Please contact for further information.