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This year’s University of Surrey HEON Summer School was delivered on campus over 4 days in the first week of the school summer holidays from 25th to 28th July.  21 Year 10 and 6 Year 11 students attended the experience. The Summer School programme included various activities such as campus tours,  subject tasters, information, advice and guidance, wellbeing support and social activities.  It also included one day at Royal Holloway University for students to experience a different campus and activities.  The programme was designed to meet all the learner knowledge and attitude outcomes in HEON’s Progression Framework. 


Overall, all those who attended the Summer School said it was enjoyable and all except one (96%) agreed that it was useful.

Before the Summer School, two-thirds of students felt they had a good understanding of their future options. This went up significantly to 93% after attending and exceeded our target threshold of 75%+. Students understanding of the range of options and pathways, including degree apprenticeships, increased.

I’ve learnt more about student life and I’ve also learnt that if I was to go to university I have a lot of support available

Survey Response

Before the Summer School, no students said they knew about student finance and the support available. This increased significantly to 78% afterwards, exceeding our target threshold.  Qualitative insights support this evidence of a very positive impact where the detailed information appears to cut through.

Before the Summer School only 26% of students felt they knew what it would be like to study a subject at university.  This went up significantly to 89% afterwards and exceeded our target threshold. 

Overall, the 2022 Summer School appears to have been a very positive experience for students that has been successful in achieving planned outcomes.

I was very set on doing sciences but doing all the different courses made me realise there are other things I can do which I didn’t think I would like.

Survey Response