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    Hi everyone, 

    Welcome to the HEON Summer School and the first day! My name is Bethany and I’ll be your main student ambassador this week for this team; Justice League!

    We will be using these forums every day to check-in with each other and see what you have learnt! Feel free to comment on the forums and make any comments based on the topic or ask any questions you would like! As I said when I introduced myself in the session, I have just finished my Law degree at the University of Surrey and I am moving on to pursue a career as a solicitor, so I am able to answer specific questions about this, as well as, of course, anything else! This could be university life, choosing which university to go to, contemplating other pathways, how I’ve managed money whilst living away at university, living away from home; absolutely anything you would like advice on or insight! Make the most of this week as this is a really unique opportunity that not all students have access to, as I said, I was never given the opportunity to attend a summer school such as this! This is a brilliant experience to put on your CV and utilise in the future! Make connections and find out everything you would like to know!

    Any problems, whether that be technical or accessing the materials, also let me know and I can send you in the right direction for help. Remember to stay polite and respectful on all forums, live chats and Zoom chats, as everything is recorded.

    Looking forward to this week!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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