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    How has your Tuesday been? Let me know in the replies…
    -What did you think of today’s sessions? Which was your favourite?
    -Which subject tasters have you tried? What was covered?
    -What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?
    -What is one question you would like me to answer?

    Keep engaged with this forum, and then I can make my answers as informative as possible and relevant to you guys!

    Samuel T

    I think my favourite session today was definitely the Army ‘Mythbusters’ talk. Although it originally wasn’t a destination that I’m particularly interested in, I was certainly surprised as the varied opportunities that are available in the army. I did the Osmosis investigation for the taster session despite having done it in school previously- so I suppose it was just revision for GCSEs really. Also, I did the session on academic skills, which I found very useful as I previously didn’t know the specific people who you could go to for advice at uni. Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to the money management session as it’s an important life skill that I know too little about. Talking of money management, do you know of any strategies for making your money go further at university?

    James F

    How has your Tuesday been? Let me know in the replies…
    -What did you think of today’s sessions? Which was your favourite?
    -Which subject tasters have you tried? What was covered?
    -What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?
    -What is one question you would like me to answer?

    Today’s sessions were very varied and very interesting, my favourite session today was the Business Studies taster. The Business Studies taster covered the four main areas of a business and how to run a successful business. I am also looking forward to the money management session tomorrow because it is important to know how manage and save money for the future. How did you choose your university and courses?


    Its a great question Samuel, and something that is a big part of adjusting to being in control of your own money as a student. Learning to budget is really important, because then you can section off money to be spent specifically on food, rent, social events etc and you know your limits. A lot of students also get part time jobs, either at the weekend or on days where they have no lectures (remember at uni you have a lot less time being taught!) The student loans available are also used by most students, and I’m sure that will be covered a little bit in the session on money. If it isn’t covered, let me know and I’ll try and write a summary of what is available!

    Maia S

    My favourite activity of the day has been the Utopia session because it has been really eye-opening and innovative overall.
    Today I tried Mechanical Engineering and Paramedic Science, with very helpful explanations of a variety of related topics that were also covered during these sessions.

    I am especially looking forward to the University for the Creative Arts live session tomorrow because animation has been a keen interest of mine for a while now but I’ve had no idea where to start so hopefully this will give me a useful insight.

    Am I allowed to complete more subject tasters in my free time? (at least while their available to do)

    Thank you! 🙂


    Really glad to hear that James! Choosing your course and Uni is a really difficult decision to make and there are so many factors that can impact the choice.
    Below are some factors I considered for choosing uni:
    -Distance- do you want to live close to home, or venture further away?
    -Accommodation prices- How expensive is the rent in the area?
    -City vs Campus Uni- Do you want a uni that is scattered around a city, or one that is enclosed in its own campus? Surrey uni is a campus uni which I preferred because everything is in one place
    -League Tables- How high ranking is the uni? The higher it is in the league tables the higher the grade requirements will be. League tables take into account lots of things, but they definitely shouldn’t be the only thing you think about.

    Below are some factors I considered when choosing my degree subject:
    -What do I enjoy doing? If you enjoy what you’re studying you will be more motivated and therefore be more successful.
    -What kind of career will this subject lead to? Most subjects won’t lead to one profession and there is lots you can do with a degree, but it is worth thinking about.
    -What modules does this course do? Modules (classes) each have different focuses. So one degree subject might have lots of modules around Medieval History which you love so it might be a good choice for you. Equally, if you hate medieval history its probably not the degree for you because the content doesn’t match your interests.

    Hope that helps, do ask any follow up questions on this thread! -Beth


    Hi Maia- What was the unitopia session? Ambassadors didn’t get to do that one so I’ve no clue what was in it! You can definitely do more subject tasters in your free time if you want to (but do give yourself some time in the evening to have a break!)

    Maia S

    The Utopia session was just a session where you chose from a list of questions about what you would prefer at University. E.g. whether you prefer a campus or city based university, If you’d prefer to be close to home or far from it etc.

    From your answers you would build the foundation blocks for picking a university right for you.
    I found this very helpful, which is why I loved it so much. 🙂

    We also looked at the meaning of Utopia and the view of ‘utopianism’ and how it’s is seen as very far fetched of how and what someone wants to achieve during their lifetime.


    Maia that sounds so interesting and really helpful if you did want to go on to University. What were some of the things you chose?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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