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    As we come to the end of day one of the HEON summer school, it would be great if you guys can reflect on what you have done today. Answer some of the following in the replies…
    What was your favourite session?
    What sport/society would you join at University?
    Was there something new that you learnt today?
    What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?

    Finally… any questions you might have for me! As you’ll have seen, I’ve created a few topics where you might want to discuss things or ask questions. Do use this platform to get as much information from Ambassadors as possible, we can give you our perspective of higher education which will be really informative for you guys!

    Links from today’s sessions:
    University of Surrey Student Union:
    University of Law:

    Have a great evening! -Beth

    James F

    My favourite session was the para medicine taster session. I would join the cricket team and try to make a handball team. I learnt a lot more about University life. I am looking forward to the different subject tasters so I can learn about different subjects.


    The para-medicine session looks so interesting, and such a different type of course to study! Hopefully you’ll continue to learn more about University life as the week goes on. If you have any questions feel free to chuck them in a topic or make your own topic!

    Samuel T

    I think my favourite session was definitely the University of Law one as it allowed me to think about another possible career path in detail that was different from the one I originally had in mind- also, the criminal cases we looked at were really intriguing. The session with the SU president was useful and I think that the debating society would be the one I’d be most interested in joining in the future. A few interesting things I learnt today were the alternative pathways to the ‘traditional’ university route as well as the four core parts of business. Later this week, I’m looking forward to the BSL and pyschology taster sessions because they’re outside my comfort zone and are new skills that I want to learn.


    Samuel I completely agree, I thought the law session was really interesting, as were the cases we looked at. It was also great to see everyone giving opinions on the zoom chat! Debating society as well as political societies are really popular at Uni, where you get to meet like-minded people for discussions. Your taster choices for the next few days sound great, who knows maybe if you enjoy the psychology session you might want to continue studying it at A-Level…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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