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    Hi everyone!
    I hope you had a good day of Summer School today!

    Like yesterday, I’d love to find out what you thought of the activities and what you have been up to today so let’s share in the comments!
    I’ll post some questions and I’d love to hear your responses! You don’t have to answer every question but it would be great to hear something from each of you!

    1) Which subject taster did you do? Did you find it interesting?
    2) What was your favourite session of the day?
    3) What was your least favourite session of the day?
    4) Tell me one thing you have learnt today! This could be about Summer School, University or a subject-absolutely anything!
    5) If you could change anything about Summer School, what would it be?

    I’d love to hear your responses! And they would be super helpful for us to ensure that the rest of the week is filled with the type of content we know you enjoy and get a lot out of!


    I’ll start to get the ball rolling by replying with my answers!
    1) In the times that you’ve been doing Subject Tasters I have been looking at and marking the quizzes for my Sign Language session. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s answers and hope anyone who has done the session has enjoyed it!
    2) I really enjoyed both of the Live sessions today. But I think my favourite was the ‘Investing in Yourself’ session by Najaah!
    3) I don’t have a least favourite! I learnt so much in each session!
    4) I have learnt about all of the different jobs available in the army! It was really interesting to find out that there are so many different roles like teachers, dentists and even the Outreach staff who spoke to us today.
    5)The only thing that I would change is that I’d love to hear more from you all! This wold be really great in making sure that everyone feels supported and like we’re a team!

    Emily A

    1) I did the Language taster and learnt some German, it was really interesting
    2) my favourite session was the Unitopia one because it made me thing of what type of university I might go to in the future
    3) I think my least favourite session was the Army one just because its not for me.
    4) I learnt that 40% of words in German are similar to English
    5) I can’t thing of anything to change


    Hi Emily!
    That’s really interesting! Thank you for sharing! It’s great that you might already be starting to think about what you might like to do in the future! Getting an idea and awareness of different types of university is such a good first step. When I was starting to look at and apply to universities I visited a wide range of universities–some campus and some city etc–and it was really good to get a feel for the different kinds to learn what I preferred!

    Ines C

    1) I did the electrical engineering taster and learnt about the different ways students learn (through lectures, seminars and lab work)
    2) My favourite session was the unitopia session as I was able to see the positives of different kinds of universities, which was very interesting
    3) I don’t have a least favourite session
    4) I have learnt more about what life at university is like
    5) I don’t have anything which I would change.
    I had to miss the army Q&A session earlier, so do you know if this would be available to watch, and if so, where on the website would I be able to find it? If not, I can ask family and friends my questions but I feel it may be helpful to listen to other people’s questions too. Thanks in advance 🙂


    Hi Ines,
    That sounds great! I’m glad you learnt a lot about uni! If you have any questions about uni that haven’t been answered yet then feel free to ask me! I’d love to share more about university with you!
    I’ve chased this up and the recording of the Army session should be available for you to watch by tomorrow afternoon. I think it’s brilliant that you’re so keen to find out more and finding out what questions other people asked is a fab way to go about it!

    Ines C

    Thank you so much

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