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    Hi guys,

    We’re nearing the end of day 1 now and I hope you’ve found the day both enjoyable and interesting!

    I would love to have a quick chat to see what you thought of the day: what did you enjoy/didn’t enjoy?

    – What society would you have joined from today’s session?
    (Here’s a link with all the societies at Surrey! –
    – Would you live on a campus or city university?
    (Here’s a link to the University of Law’s website –
    – Who do you believe was Jack the Ripper out of our suspects??

    Remember if you have any questions big or small please just ask away – I’m here to help you guys and make sure you leave this summer school knowing that all your questions have been answered 🙂

    Thanks and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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