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Hi everyone!

Here are some more Q&As…

1- What is the structure of the University year at Surrey?
For most courses (can vary for other courses like Nursing and Paramedic Science) the year is divided into 2 semesters. Semester 1 runs from October to January where you typically study 4 modules which are examined in January. Semester 2 starts in February which finishes at the end of May, where you will study another 4 modules. This semester is then examined in June. For more information regarding course and module structure please visit the University websites which provides you with a breakdown of how the course is structured. This structure does vary between Universities. Below is the link for the University of Surrey website where you will be able to search each course…

2- How did you find the transition from A-levels to an Undergraduate degree?
During your first year of an undergraduate degree, it’s all about getting every student on the same page. Not all students studying an undergraduate degree have come straight from studying A-levels, some may have studied BTECs, an Access Course, maybe had a gap year, may be mature or international students. So, during the first year you will gain a background understanding of your course, building on what you have previously learnt in other qualifications. For example, during A-level biology I learnt about different organelles, including their structure and function. We revised this in my first year of my degree, then built on this to learn more in depth information. So I didn’t find the academic jump too difficult and was easier than I thought it was going to be!

Hope this helps!