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Great to hear Samuel and glad you enjoyed my session. I loved the German taster, reminded me of my GCSE days! Do you study German or was it something new?

That animation idea sounds great, I’m looking forward to watching them all tomorrow.

In terms of your question about uni pathways, my main suggestion would be to go to as many taster days as possible. Often University’s offer applicant days or taster days where they put on a ‘typical’ lecture/seminar/practical session to help you see if its a good fit for you. I also wasn’t sure what to do, and when I applied to uni I applied for: Theatre, Liberal Arts, Psychology, English and Politics- quite a mixed bag! It gave me some time to think about which one to go for. You don’t have to just apply for one course. Remember as well that masters courses allow you to change route slightly- so even though I’ve not studied politics before, because I have my first degree I can take a masters in that. Because uni study is so self-motivated, I would say make sure that what you are applying for is something you enjoy so much that its going to make you get up and go to your lectures, and make you want to go to the library to research it further. Seek advice from your teachers as well. Hopefully in the next few years you’ll get a better sense of one or two pathways that stick out from the rest.