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Currently I am a member of the Canoe society and the Baking society, which are the ones I probably attend the most. I think it’s hard to pick a favourite, on the one hand Canoe soc is very active, having meetings three times a week so there is a lot of opportunity to have fun and make friends. I also got to go to Wales with them in December to visit the Cardiff whitewater centre, which was very fun if a bit cold 😀 ! Baking society is a bit more chill, but who doesn’t like an excuse to meet up and eat cake with some friends!
I’m also technically a member of the Psychology society, but being an academic society they don’t hold so many activities. They do however run some useful workshops that help out with the course, for example in my first year they held a statistics workshop, which gave us a chance to meet up with our lecturer to go over any issues we were having. I will say that you don’t have to be a member of a society to attend some of their events, I have dropped in on a couple of events such as Dog walking with PetSoc and the petting zoo run by VetSoc, so there is plenty of opportunity to take part in a wide array of events.
I hope this answers your question (if the massive block of text didn’t scare you off 🙂 ), feel free to let me know if you have any more questions about societies or what it’s like to live at uni!

Best wishes,

Olivia 🙂