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Here are some questions that I wanted to know the answer to before coming to University…

1- What is it like living in student halls?
Living in Student halls is an amazing experience, but can seem quite daunting before coming to University. This was something that I was quite worried about because I was the first person in my family to go to University and I had never been away from home before for a long period of time, so it was all very new. When I moved in on Campus I can remember being greeted by Freshers Angels (student volunteers at the University) who welcomed the Freshers on Campus. After my first week at University I had made a group of friends, and we are still close friends now! Although it can seem quite nerve wracking, it gets so much easier with time and is a fantastic experience that you will never forget!

2- What is a personal statement?
A personal statement is a piece of writing (think of it like a CV) which forms a part of your University application through an organisation called UCAS. Admissions at the Universities read this along with your predicted grades and other information to determine whether they would like to offer you a place. This gives you the opportunity to simply ‘sell yourself’ to the University, including why you would like to study that particular degree and any skills you have developed from extra curricular activities. For example, I wrote about my part time job, volunteering and work experience- explaining what I had learnt. I also included that I also attended a University Summer School- which you will also be able to add if you apply to University!