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Hi Lucy,

I’m very glad you enjoyed your sessions today, I’ve passed your comment onto Vickie, and she’s pleased that you enjoyed the language taster so much! Do you think that you would consider studying languages at A level or uni? Personally I slightly regret not continuing any languages after GCSE, so maybe it’s a skill you could ‘invest’ in if you enjoyed it so much!
I’m glad you also learnt something new about the army, and it’s okay if you find it’s not for you. Ultimately, there will be some things that won’t suit everyone, but being able to decide that is progression in and of itself.
The investing in yourself was my favourite session too, and contained a lot of content that i hope you will be able to apply throughout your academic career and beyond. I know that I myself still have a lot of things to work on (procrastination being the main one 🙂 ), so I’m glad you guys have been given the opportunity to learn these things a lot earlier than I did.
As always Lucy, your feedback is very much appreciated, and I hope you and everyone else will enjoy everything else the summer school had to offer.

Best wishes,

Olivia 🙂