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Really glad to hear that James! Choosing your course and Uni is a really difficult decision to make and there are so many factors that can impact the choice.
Below are some factors I considered for choosing uni:
-Distance- do you want to live close to home, or venture further away?
-Accommodation prices- How expensive is the rent in the area?
-City vs Campus Uni- Do you want a uni that is scattered around a city, or one that is enclosed in its own campus? Surrey uni is a campus uni which I preferred because everything is in one place
-League Tables- How high ranking is the uni? The higher it is in the league tables the higher the grade requirements will be. League tables take into account lots of things, but they definitely shouldn’t be the only thing you think about.

Below are some factors I considered when choosing my degree subject:
-What do I enjoy doing? If you enjoy what you’re studying you will be more motivated and therefore be more successful.
-What kind of career will this subject lead to? Most subjects won’t lead to one profession and there is lots you can do with a degree, but it is worth thinking about.
-What modules does this course do? Modules (classes) each have different focuses. So one degree subject might have lots of modules around Medieval History which you love so it might be a good choice for you. Equally, if you hate medieval history its probably not the degree for you because the content doesn’t match your interests.

Hope that helps, do ask any follow up questions on this thread! -Beth